QLD Government Apprentice FUNDING

The User Choice program supports the delivery of accredited entry-level training to eligible apprentices and trainees by providing a public funding contribution towards the cost of their training and assessment.  The program provides greater flexibility for apprentices, trainees and their employers.

Student contribution fees under the User Choice program are set at $1.60 per nominal hour for each unit of competency/module to be calculated at the commencement of the unit of competency/module.

Student contribution fees may be adjusted annually and Training Organisations will be informed by the department of any changes to the student contribution fees.

Are you under 25?
The Queensland Government will cover the cost of your training with a training provider when you choose a high priority apprenticeship or traineeship. Just choose the qualification you want, land an apprenticeship or traineeship with an employer and they will cover the cost of your training. 

Find an employer to start an apprenticeship or traineeship in one of the priority qualifications. You must commence, or be undertaking, your training between 1 January 2021 and 30 September 2022.

For any specific information regarding Student Contribution Fees such as:

  • Full Costs associated with our Qualifications
  • Method and Timing of Collection of Funds
  • Refunds
  • Exemptions

Can all be found within NICS Student Handbook.


Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)  funds important courses and training to make it easier for you to update your skills. They partner with selected registered training organisations who deliver training for the building and construction industry across Queensland.

Check to see if you're eligible.


The collection of contribution fees from the student are mandatory under the Queensland Government User Choice Program. However, we understand that in some cases, students may be facing financial hardship from time to time. NICS may be able to enter into arrangements with students and their employers to assist in the assurance that these fees are paid.

If you require assistance please talk to us for more details.